Monday, February 14, 2011

Why Send Roses

Today is Valentine's Day and many will send roses to their loved ones. But that is so lack of imagination. Why? A vase of usually the same color of roses looks so monotonous to me. Plus, it is so expensive.

A colleague of mine sent a Powerpoint of Japanese ikebana. Ikekana is the art of flower arrangement, which dated back to the sixth century, when Buddhism was brought to Japan. The Buddhists offer flowers on the altar in honor of the Buddha.

Ikebana embodies the spirit of East Asian aesthetics and beauty. It evokes the balance of the strong and the weak, permanence and impermanence, full and empty.

Ikebana uses not only the flowers, but also the stems and leaves, and draws emphasis toward shape, style, and form. The structure of the flower arrangement often symbolizes heaven, earth, and human beings.

Traditionally, ikebana is placed in an alcove or a corner of the room, usually with a scroll. The flowers are changed according to the seasons. Imagine drinking tea in such a room with your loved ones.

So next year's Valentine's Day, you can
be more creative.